Portugal listed in best places for Brits to emigrate

Portugal has been voted one of the best destinations to emigrate by Britons.

Although deccanchronicle.com reports that France topped the poll, Portugal still managed to place a respectable sixth and earned more votes than both Australia and New Zealand.

Both countries are still top holiday destinations but their reputation among expats has started to wane in recent years. Experts have attributed this trend to more people looking closer to home when eyeing up their overseas properties.

Conducted by the Overseas Guide Company (OGC), which provides advice for people looking to buy a second property abroad, the poll also listed Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy as popular places to emigrate.

Richard Way, editor of the guide, says the preference for living in Europe is down to people wanting to be closer to Britain and their family.

According to indiatimes.com, this provided evidence that expats don't wish to completely cut their ties once they move out to a foreign location.

Mr Way adds that French banks are currently offering rock-bottom rates on their mortgages, which could be why so many Brits are keen to move out to the likes of Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Whether or not the same amount of people wish to emigrate to France after hearing of an unfavourable change in rates remains to be seen.

Posted on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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