Portugal's green credentials soar in two years

A new poll has found that Portugal has become much greener in the last couple of years.

The country now features in the top 20 in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which names the most environmentally-friendly countries.

The index, which is carried out by researchers from the universities of Yale and Columbia, places Portugal at number 14. This is a massive 24 places higher on the index than it was back in 2012. Overall, 178 countries are surveyed as part of the research.

Countries are judged on their green credentials within nine different categories on issues such as marine health and air quality, as well as 20 indicators. Researchers also looked into what measures are put in place by the country to protect its ecosystem as well as protect its people from environmental harm.

Coming in at the top spot, according to fastcoexist.com, is Switzerland. This was followed by Luxembourg, Australia and Singapore, with the Czech Republic finishing up the top five.

Although many of the wealthier countries feature higher up the index, this wasn't the case for all of them. For example, Russia came in at 73rd position and China was at position 118.

These five least green countries in the index were Afghanistan, Lesotho, Haiti, Mali and Somalia.

Posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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