Rain for Christmas, but a dry New Year for Portugal

Much like many other parts of Europe, Portugal and its residents are expecting a wet Christmas Eve and Day this year.

Theportugalnews.com reveals that in the North and South respectively, rainfall is expected through today/tomorrow (December 25th), but that things are expected to dry up in the period between Boxing Day and December 31st.

Reporting on Lisbon specifically, the outlet reports: "The capital will be cold and damp for much of the coming week, with rain set to be accompanied by lows dropping to close to freezing." Rain won't be the end of it for those living in Serra da Estrela, though, it adds: "Snow in Serra da Estrela should see the rain accompanied by cooler than usual weather."

All the signs point to the fact that anyone living in the area should wrap up warm this week - though that shouldn't be a problem for any ex-pats living in the region, given their tolerance for the unpredictable British weather. Rain is expected in the UK, too, parts of which are currently experiencing gale-force winds and relentless rainfall.

Despite the weather, people around the country are likely to be getting into the Christmas spirit - probably putting out their 'caganer' figurines, the traditional emblem of Portuguese Christmas.

Heraldsun.com.au explains what the rather unusual figure is all about, stating: 'The caganer is a figure (often of celebrities or politicians), in the squat position with its trousers round its ankle'. Typically, the figurine is shown to be going to the toilet at the same time, a tradition that began in the 17th century. It is said to be representative of the equality of all, showing that no-one is above going to the toilet at Christmas-time.

Posted on Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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