A quick look around Quinta do Lago

When enjoying their extended breaks, even the blazing sun, swooping sea breezes and awe-inspiring views can't stop Brits from missing Blighty every once in a while. It's nice to be surrounded by a few home comforts when living abroad, which is why so many British nationals are looking to the Portuguese resort of Quinta do Lago as an ideal location for buying overseas property.

A popular holiday destination for the British and Irish, it's hard to think of anywhere that's been colonised to the same extent as Quinta do Lago. English and Portuguese are the two main languages around this luxury area of Portugal's Algarve region, which is conveniently located a few miles to the west of Faro Airport.

So that's the language barrier out of the way, but what else can this luxury resort offer?


Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Algarve's famous Rio Formosa Nature Preserve, Quinta do Lago is situated at the southernmost point of Portugal.

Although its history dates back to prehistoric times, the region was formed in 1972 after being purchased with the intention of building a golf resort overlooking the pines of the Rio Formosa. This master plan did indeed go ahead, and renowned restaurants, palatial accommodations and pieces of luxury property have since moved in to compliment the world-class facilities on offer.

Temperatures range between 15-30 C in average seasons, which means everyone that visits the Quinta (and the Algarve for that matter) is virtually guaranteed sun and clear skies to match.


Since its inauguration in 1972, Quinta do Lago has opened its doors to the Portuguese Open Championship eight times and played host to hundreds of national and international golf tournaments.

This is despite the fact there's no shortage of competition. The fantastic Sotogrande course in Spain is just a few hundred miles to the east, but Quinta's combination of unparalleled facilities and beautiful scenery makes it very hard to beat.

That's how most of the experts see things, anyway. Paul McGinley, Europe's next Ryder Cup captain, spends several weeks a year at Quinta and says it's the "perfect place" for him to relax with his family while working on his game.

Things to do

Quinta Do Lago offers an ever-increasing range of activities to suit every taste and requirement. Sports fans can try a real 18-hole experience at one of the resort's renowned golf courses or go for an activity that Quinta less well known for - tennis, horse riding and water sports being three of the most popular choices.

The resort also has its very own shopping centre with a range of designer boutiques just waiting to be browsed inside-out. There's also the usual selection of restaurants and bars, but these establishments are classier than what people would come to expect from built-up areas around Algarve. Few other places allow the diners to gaze out onto a beautiful lake as they tuck into a delicious plate of local cuisine. 'Luxury', when applied to eating around Quinta, really doesn't do the place justice.

Then in the early evening, if the legs have anything left, there's always the option of taking a stroll across three-and-a-half kilometres of golden sand down at Quinta Do Lago's beachfront. For holidaymakers and property owners alike, this really is the perfect place to relax and much, much more.

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2013

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