Make time for a visit to BJ's Oceanside

If you asked people to describe their ideal restaurant, chances are BJ's Oceanside would come top of the list. French bistros may have the culinary credentials but are also famed for being, shall we say snooty? Then you have pizzerias, which are great for nipping out to grab a spot of dinner, but rarely anything to write home about.

No, the ideal restaurant for many would be an idyllic, tropical cabana where fresh food and cold drinks make worries or cares almost an impossibility. In sitting as close to the Algarve's famous golden beaches as it's possible to get, BJ's is the archetypal sun-kissed, cabana-style restaurant, which is why we really think anyone visiting the central Algarve should make time to pop by.

Why so special?

BJ's Oceanside is, not to put too fine a point on it, the very definition of a beach idyll. After all, where else can you gaze out to the sea in which your fresh fish was caught, with the sand between your toes?

Daytime visitors to BJ's can enjoy a little respite from the Algarve sun (as well as a cocktail or two - to keep hydrated, of course!), but it is the evening when the restaurant really becomes a paradise like only those seen in holiday brochures. As the amber sun sets over the Atlantic, it makes for a spectacle that will live in the memory forever.

There's not just the sunsets and scenery to enjoy, though - BJ's Oceanside also hosts live music every Sunday, with much more laid on throughout the peak holiday season.

What's on the menu?

Fish is something of a speciality at a beachfront restaurant, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing on offer at BJ's. For vegetarians - or those seeking more turf than surf - there are salads, steaks, burgers and grilled chicken to meet every taste. Those opting to stick with seafood, though, will be spoilt for choice thanks to the offering of prawns, clams, mussels, octopus, squid, sardines, sea bass, sea bream, tuna, turbot and a daily special - which could be something completely different.

Make it a first stop

One of the more popular options for visitors to BJ's Oceanside is as a starting point for a bigger night out. Getting some food and cocktails on the beach can provide an leisurely a start to any night out as it's possible to get. Then, it's just a short walk into the more bustling bars of Quarteira, where a night of revelling can begin in earnest.

For a slice of everything that is great about the Algarve, there is little better than BJ's Oceanside, which is why we think all visitors should make time to visit.

Posted on Monday, February 24, 2014

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