Why move out of Britain into Portugal?

It is a dream of many Brits to one day pack their bags and live in the warmer climates of Western Europe.

Yet, many expats can end up torn when deciding exactly which country they would like to move to. France and Spain are popular locations for expats, but many of those who move to Portugal will testify that it is also a great place in which to live.

Here are three of the key reasons why many Brits choose to pack their bags and move to Portugal.

The weather

The poor weather in the UK is one of the main reasons why so many Brits are keen to leave the country. Being one of the most southerly European countries, Portugal boasts some of the warmest average temperatures in the continent - and this is exactly what a lot of expats are looking for.

More than 280 days of sunshine a year are regularly recorded in Portugal, whilst average temperatures reach 27C in southern parts of the country during the summer. Winter temperatures often hover just below 20C.

What's more, the country boasts some of Europe's most glorious and picturesque beaches to enjoy the sunshine on.

The locals

There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to put a smile on your face, so it's little wonder that Portuguese nationals have a reputation for being so friendly and relaxed.

Approximately one in three Portuguese nationals speak good English, which is a greater proportion than French or Spanish nationals. This proportion is likely to be much higher in tourist-heavy areas as well.

Financial reasons

Portugal has very generous tax rules in comparison to other European countries. For example, those who declare themselves as 'non-habitual residents' are often eligible for a personal income tax rate of 20 per cent, which is less than half that paid by others living in the country.

What's more, there are plenty of laws in place to ensure that investments based outside of Portugal aren't taxed by the Portuguese government.

The cost of living in Portugal also tends to be very impressive, especially to Brits. The food is very affordable both in supermarkets and in restaurants, whilst travel costs are also generally very low. All in all, it should be easy to make your Euros go a bit further if choosing to live in Portugal.

It's certainly a country worth considering for anyone with permanent plans to leave the UK.

Posted on Friday, September 20, 2013

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