Restaurants in Portugal

Beach Front Golden Triangle

GiGi's | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 96 404 5178

Located above the beach in Quinta do Lago, GiGi’s offers the finest in seafood cuisine within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Though an expensive option, even in comparison to some of the high food prices along this stretch of coast, GiGi’s stands out as the best beachfront restaurant in the Golden Triangle.

Passos 2 | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 289 396 435

Situated on the dunes between Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, Passos offers some of the best seafood in the Algarve. Famed for its giant prawns and homemade brown rice, Passos delivers service and quality that is unmatched in its price range. A truly great cuisine experience.

Izzys | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 396 984

Izzys is known as one of the most fun and happening beach restaurants in the Golden triangle. Situated on Ancao beach between Antonio’s and Julia’s, Izzys not only delivers great food and a friendly service but also hosts summer parties and a fun setting to spend your summer Sundays listening to live music and drinking fresh cocktails. The service can be slow but if that’s a problem for you you’ve missed the point, it’s a place to enjoy your time off, a place to sit, relax and enjoy an unbeatable meal out with friends and/or family.

Antonio's | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 396 456

Antonio’s is one of the original restaurants located on Ancao beach; next to Vale do Lobo and Vale do Garrao. Again, situated over looking the beach, Antonio’s offers great tasting food in a peaceful atmosphere. Though expensive like all the restaurants on this beach, Antonio’s has and always will deliver and attracts a keen selection of devoted costumers who go time and time again.

Julia's | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 396 512

Julia’s, like Antonio’s, was one of the original restaurants located on Ancao beach. With its famous African rice great fish and famed chicken piri-piri, Julia’s is an enjoyable and family friendly restaurant. It also hosts a bar below the restaurant, right on the beach, for those after meal cocktails at sunset.

Eduardo's | 3 stars | Tel: n/a

Another restaurant on the Ancao beach stretch, Eduardo’s offers seafood in a chic, modern beach shack setting. It also boasts great views out over the sea and is a favourite among many as a spot to grab a nice drink on a hot summer’s day. The owner of the restaurant also runs water sports on the beach, so if water-skiing is what you want to do, Eduardo’s is the place to go.

Maria's | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 398 037

Revamped into a chic modern beach restaurant, like so many bars and restaurant along this coast, Marias is a favourite among devoted fans of the restaurant, drawing in large crowds of people day in day out. Its seafood and other dishes are cooked to a high standard, it’s just a shame that like so many restaurants around here it followed suit and revamped, letting go of its authentic beach shack feel.

Breeze | 2 stars | Tel: 00351 93 210 4927

Once Papagaios, a fun beach bar situated on the front of the Vale do Lobo praca, Breeze has followed a trend of chic revamping along the coast and has turned what was once the love of many vale do lobo locals into a marbellesque style, unbearably white coated restaurant and bar. Though the food is good, it is just disappointing to see a place with so much character turn into a soulless eatery.

Buga Beach Bar | 2 stars | Tel: n/a

A fun spot located in the middle front of the praca, right on the beach, Buga beach bar is fun place to grab a burger or enjoy a few drinks. Live sport often draws a small crowd and the affordable prices mean that it’s an easy place to grab a meal with the family, particularly if you have a few children.

Beach Front Other

Ilha Deserta | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 91 781 1856

This restaurant is one of a kind. I’d be tempted to give this a six star rating if I could. Leagues ahead of any restaurant in the Algarve. It is situated on its own island opposite Farol and is accessible via ferry from Faro marina or Mar taxi (the sea taxi service). It isn’t cheap but worth the money as its seafood is particularly fresh and delivered through great service and friendly staff. It has a number of famed dishes including their own styled spicy prawns, breaded squid, fresh fish and a number of tapas styled seafood assortments.

BJ's Oceanside | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 91 069 8479

BJ’s, situated close to Vale do lobo on the Quarteira side, is a great beachside restaurant. Fun and relaxing, with great food, it does nevertheless lack a truly authentic Portuguese feel, though, if that’s not an issue, one of the best places to head out for a Sunday lunch or enjoy the sunset in the evening. With live music on certain days in the summer and fun local ex pats who dine there, it is a great place to head down to with the family or a group of friends. Not cheap but then nowhere around this area is.

Tempurus | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 96 302 1273

A seaside restaurant situated to the west of Vale do Lobo and recently revamped, this restaurant delivers high quality fish on a daily basis and a similar atmosphere to that of Maria’s restaurant. Tempurus was once known as Rosa do Campo, and unfortunately like so many other restaurants revamped and lost its authentic feel, nevertheless Tempurus has been restyled well and does prove an enjoyable place for lunch or dinner.

Evorista | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 289 591 666

A seaside restaurant situated to the west of Vale do Lobo and recently revamped, this restaurant delivers high quality fish on a daily basis and a similar atmosphere to that of Maria’s restaurant. Tempurus was once known as Rosa do Campo, and unfortunately like so many other restaurants revamped and lost its authentic feel, nevertheless Tempurus has been restyled well and does prove an enjoyable place for lunch or dinner.

Oretiro | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 321 028

Newly built, this restaurant serves delicious seafood dishes in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The contemporary design of the building is well executed to create a relaxing beach side experience. Though new, this restaurant holds on to a Portuguese feel and is enjoyed by both the Portuguese locals and tourists. Great food in a great setting.

Inland Golden Triangle

Parrila Natural | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 289 350 040

Open for dinner, this restaurant boasts the best meat in the Golden Triangle. Importing its meat from South America, enjoy the finest steak in a tranquil and beautiful garden surrounding. Its service is next to nothing and, as a smart dinner out of the house, unbeatable.

A Quinta | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 393 357

Located in the north of Almancil, A Quinta is famous among locals and tourists alike. It serves a fine dining experience that is different and rare in the Golden Triangle area. Enjoy a fine steak or freshly oven-cooked dinner. Often occupied with couples or adults, children are also welcome.

Casa Do Lago | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 394 911

Situated on the Quinta do Lago lake, Casa do Lago offers great food and cocktails. Though very expensive, many Portuguese and tourists alike enjoy splashing out on a great evening on the outdoor terrace, or enjoying fresh lobster in the more authentic interior.

Casavostra | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 289 397 565

If you enjoy freshly made, thin-based pizza or great Italian styled pasta then Casavostra is the place for you. In all my time I’ve very rarely enjoyed such fine pizza anywhere in the world. Everyone who goes here is firstly startled by the stylish and unusual restaurant design and layout, and then is secondly startled by the quality of the food. One of the best places to eat in the Algarve, but booking in advance is a must as local Portuguese as well as tourists flood to this unbeatable restaurant.

Sushi Yama | 3 stars | Tel: 00351 91 416 9542

Situated in Almancil, Sushi Yama prepares fresh sushi in the restaurant. Enjoy great tempuras or tasty California rolls.

Don Giovanni | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 397 205

This charming Italian hosts a friendly atmosphere and is run by a lovely English couple. The food is good but more importantly at this restaurant, the atmosphere and feel of the place is welcoming and comfortable, friendly and fun.

Churrasquera Almancil | 3 stars | Tel: n/a

Personally my favourite chicken restaurant in the Golden Triangle area. And one of the only places you can pick up chicken take away for 5 people and spend 20 euros or less. Great to eat in or take out, Churrasquera chicken in Alamancil has stayed true to its Portuguese chicken roots and the flavour and quality of chicken is unbeatable.

Marufos | 3 stars | Tel: n/a

Again a fantastic chicken restaurant, known by many as the chicken shack, Marufos still embraces something authentically old school Portuguese. Enjoy the chaos and hustle and bustle of such a restaurant, where service comes first and costumers come second. It truly is one of the last chicken gems near to the Golden Triangle and a must go if you’re on holiday out here. Situated on the road to Quarteira from Almancil, head there one evening after a day on the beach for a great fun meal out.

Sr. Frango | 3 stars | Tel: 00351 289 393 756

A slightly smarter and neater version of Portuguese chicken cuisine. Sr. Frangos is famed for its slight differing style of service for such a chicken restaurant. A favourite among mainly expats, Sr. Frangos sauce adds a little extra garlic to the usual chicken seasoning, something that becomes an addictive taste in the mouths of many tourists and locals alike.

Camillo's | 3 stars | Tel: 00351 289 356 458

A favourite among many who have had the chance to visit this restaurant. You neither go here for the view nor the food, but there is something special about Camilo’s. The chef and owner is one of the most fantastic hosts you’ll ever come across, and there’s something about Camillo’s that makes you feel at home, whether that’s the friendly atmosphere or free house port at the end of a meal that’ll be for you to find out. Also particularly family friendly, even if you have youngsters with you.

Paixa | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 394 699

With a modern design feel and situated near the entrance to Vale do Lobo, Paixa offers a selection of Portuguese styled tapas. Though expensive many costumers consider this a great meal out, particularly for a smart dinner with friends and/or family.

Pequeno Mundo | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 289 399 866

One of the most popular restaurants in the area, Pequeno Mundo is a beautiful old quinta surrounding a courtyard, with wonderful service and exceptional food. Smart, fun, friendly, beautiful and good quality, Pequeno Mundo ticks all the boxes.

Florian | 3 stars | Tel: 00351 289 396 674

Located at the bottom of Valverde, Florian serves international food in a soothing ambience. Though not a restaurant to show off to friends, this restaurant does tend to be a favourite among those that live in the area and those that have been loyal to the restaurant that seems to have been around forever.

Pizza Pasta | 3 stars | Tel: 00351 289 394 080

Pizza Pasta Fantasia, situated in the Buganvilla Plaza in Quinta do Lago, is a convenient and great place to grab dinner or order take away, with delivery available to the surrounding area. Though no Casavostra, it is nevertheless often a favourite among those that live nearby.

Sao Gabriel | 5 stars | Tel: 00351 289 394 521

One of the more formal restaurants in the Golden Triangle, Sao Gabriel speaks elegance. Fine dining in a sophisticated atmosphere combined with some of the best food in the Algarve makes Sao Gabriel a must go. Don’t expect a cheap meal, but what you pay for is what you get, service and quality of the highest order.

Thai Garden | 4 stars | Tel: 00351 289 394 521

Situated in Sao Gabriel restaurant, this Thai serves fantastic Thai cuisine in a similarly sophisticated and elegant atmosphere to that of Sao Gabriel. Enjoy Phad Ka Pa and numerous other traditional Thai dishes, while the great service and friendly staff make you feel right at home.